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Air Auditing Health Checkers

ELGI air audit will improve your profitability by making compressed air a more efficient, cost effective and reliable utility. Our team of experts who are qualified and experienced in offering turn key solutions for compressed air systems are at your service and we also have a customer care system with a toll free number to offer you service at all times.

  • Greater reliability
  • Improved quality control
  • Low operating costs

Simplification of compressed air operation:

  • Eliminating system problems
  • Matching supply with demand
  • Reduction in overall system pressure
  • Reduction in off-load 'non-productive' energy and its cost
  • Selection of compressed air piping and distribution

Energy efficient compressed air systems:

Our investigation shows that industries can substantially reduce electricity costs by increasing the efficiency of compressed air systems. The purpose is to help all users of compressed air to get more value out of their electric power expenditures. ELGI will audit all areas including generation, distribution and demand side to ensure that energy savings are sustainable.

Exceptional choice for Finance Managers:

  • A short pay back
  • Bench marking and continual improvement to optimize the power consumption
  • Sustainable energy savings realized through better management and control of the compressed air system

Exceptional choice for Engineers and Factory Managers:

  • Optimisation of compressed air system
  • Transparent audit methodology to identify, analyse, solve the wastage and misuse of compressed air
  • Reduced maintenance costs realized through better use of compressed air
  • Reduction of leakages

ElGI Air Audit System:

Flow Check:

  • We accurately measure the Free Air Delivery of the air compressors. This process provides most accurate measurements and can be applied at any factory setting.

Leak Check:

  • Leaks can be a major drain on your resource! We identify and estimate the quantum of plant leakage using ultrasonic leak detector and tagging in the distribution lines.

Temperature Check

  • An easy way to identify the operating temperature along the compressed air system.

Power check:

  • The power check involves base lining the power consumption with regard to system load, unload pattern.