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Auto Drain valves

Compressed air condenses moisture in dryers, after-coolers and air receivers. This condensate needs to be removed frequently. This process is done by the drain valves. In ordinary drains, there is always loss of compressed air. Most of the condensate drains have a 4 mm orifice. This 4 mm orifice bleeds about 34 cfm, which is the equivalent of 6.5 kw of power. Elgi Airmate drains work on the principle of zero air loss and do not bleed your compressed air, consequently saving energy.

Compact Timer Drain Valve:

The controller is built with ultra reliable microcontroller with dual adjustment of both both cycle and drains for added flexibility of use. The valve has large orifice and special solenoid operator section to discharge dust.

  • Easy to mount at all location
  • Maintain and clean drain valve without removing from service
  • Adjustable on and off timing
  • Large orifice for effective drain of dust and condensate
  • Condensate discharging is no problem