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Coolants and Lubricants

Modern day compressors are high speed machines and are highly efficient. They tend to generate high
operating temperatures and stress the moving parts and lubricant, resulting in deposit formation on
valves, frequently resulting in choking of oil filters and separators. ELGI, with the help of pioneers in
lubricants’ business, has developed special compressor oil to address issues of high temperature with
good thermal / oxidation stability. We have following types genuine compressor oil to meet varying
demands of the compressors in operation :

  • Elgi AIRLUBE for Screw compressors with an assured life of 1000 h
  • Elgi Air lube for Reciprocating Compressors with an assured life of 500 h
  • Elgi AIRLUBE Plus - a premium mineral oil for Screw Compressors with assured life of 2000 h
  • Elgi XD AIR LUBE- Xtra Drain oil  for screw air compressors with assured life of 4000 hrs
  • Elgi AIRLUBE DURA PLUS - a premium synthetic oil for Screw Compressors with an assured life of 6000 h or more

Benefits of ELGI genuine compressor oil:

  • Increased service life of lubricant resulting in lower downtime and cost
  • Reduced deposit formation for longer and efficient operation of compressor
  • Reduced wear of compressor components leading to lower operational cost and reduced down time
  • Lower oil consumption

Servo ELGI Reciprocating Air Lube Oil:

Servo ELGI reciprocating air lube oil is specially blended for reciprocating air compressors from
highly refined base oils. It provides satisfactory lubrication under prolonged high temperature / high
load and arduous working conditions.


  • Provides excellent resistance to oxidation, thus permitting extended oil drain drain intervals
  • Minimizes carbon deposit on the valve plates thereby reducing the valve cleaning intervals
  • Provides effective protection against rust and corrosion during routine shutdown
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Enhances service life & reduces maintenance cost
  • Better compressor availability