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High Volume Reciprocating Type Air Compressor

High volume reciprocating type air compressor (20hp -40hp)


The above models are available with the following features :

  • Air cooled
  • Open
  • Base mounted
  • Tank Mounted


  • Elgi Reciprocating air Compressors are designed for optimum efficiency with minimum maintenance to meet satisfactory requirements of compressed air. They are available in stationary/portable and electric/diesel powered models. Custom built models for specific applications are also available on request.
  • Higher free air delivery at lower pressure for your specific requirements can also be offered. For base mounted units, vertical air receivers up to 10,000 litres capacity and working pressure 1 kgf/cm2 can be supplied. Water cooled after-cooler, moisture separator and oil absorption filter can also be supplied for specific requirements.
  • Elgi also offers high pressure vertical air receivers up to 1000 Litres. Capacity and 65kgf/cm2 pressure.