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Moisture Separator

Airmate Moisture Separator

Depending on the humidity level of the inlet air, certain amount of bulk water is present in the compressed air at varying levels. This bulk water causes the corrosion of pipes, end tools, machinery and valves. Elgi's unique centrifugal type moisture separator with automatic drain removes over 99% of bulk water from the compressed air, resulting in corrosion-free, longer life of end use equipment and less load on the dryer.

BSPP connections:
Fixed vortex generator:

  • (for improved water removal by centrifugal and impingement separation)

Compact lightweight housing:

  • (1/2" to 4" sizes available)

Vortex arrestor:

  • (Prevents re-entrainment of separated water MS 100 MS 365)

Automatic drain:

  • (Discharges separated water)

Sight glass:

  • (Gives visual check of water collection and drain function)