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Oil Free Reciprocating High Volume Compressor


High Energy Saving, low running costs:

Elgi introduces its unique range of oil free air-cooled compressors for industries that demand oil-free air at their application point. The non-lubricated and two-stage air-cooled compressors benefit customers by ensuring low running costs and low energy consumption. The air-cooled design provides additional value to customers by eliminating the need for exhaustive water cooling systems, thereby saving industrial water costs.

A typical Elgi package consists of motor, compressor, air-cooled cooler, a SOUL air receiver with associated piping, and control panel. Elgi also offers a complete range of downstream accessories such as refrigerant/ desiccant dryer, vertical air receiver, oil moisture separator, filters etc. according to the air quality demand.

The Design Advantage:

Reduced transmission losses
Direct drive

  • Unlike belt drive, the direct drive through a coupling increases the efficiency of the compressor by reducing transmission losses . This mechanism is inherently maintenance-free when compared to traditional belt drive designs.

Effective heat transfer
Piston and piston rings

  • Pistons are made of cast iron (LP) and aluminium (HP) for effective heat transfer from compression chambers.

Reduced wear
Robust single piece crankshaft

  • Extremely robust single piece crankshaft helps to minimize free inertia forces and moments, leading to reduced wear & tear and increased durability. Dynamically balanced crankshaft increases the endurance limit for long runs.

Longer working life
Split type connecting rods

  • The split type connecting rods are made of while metal sleeves In this type of design the sleeves are only required lobe replaced atspecified intervals.

Effective lubrication

  • Crankcase is made of high grade cast iron. Shaft driven lube oil pump ensures proper circulation of oil to all parts of the rotating system and maintains effective lubrication.

100% oil-free air
Crosshead, distance piece and gland assembly

  • The crosshead, distance piece, gland assembly and guide sleeve arrangement ensures that no lubricating oil can enter the compression chamber. This results in MO% oil-free air at the compressor outlet.


  • Elgi has the flexibility of adding another motor - compressor set and air cooled cooler to the same control panel in case additional air capacity is needed by a customer who already has a receiver and oilier. Custom made control panels to suit parallel operation of two compressor operation (or ore working hone in stand-by mode) are also available on request.

No cooling tower

  • The two-stage air cooled aftercooler operates using a 0.25 kW single phase motor. This eliminates the need for cooling towers, water circulation pumps and and associated piping, thus saving on Midal investment This also means lower installed power when compared to an equivalent machine in its class In addition, the two-stage design increases the efficiency of compression by bringing in i nt e r - coang and reduces the loads on the moving parts by reducing the pressure rations of compression at each stage All this results In enhanced life of the compressor.

Smaller foot print

  • The entire motor compressor fits into a space of 1.74 sq. m., making it the most compact machine in its class The compressor motor rests on anti-vibration pads. This eliminates the need for expensive civil foundation while reducing the installation costs as well.

High volumetric efficiency
Suction & delivery valves

  • The disc type valves ensure high volumetric efficiency of the compressor.

User friendly

  • Easily visible compact control panel helps monitor the compressor performance with ease. Instruments provided are LP & HP pressure gauges, LP & HP temperature gauges, hour meter, sump oil pressure gauge and low oil pressure switch.

Cool air
Interstage and Aftercooler

  • The robust air-cooled intercooler and aftercooler ensures that the compressor runs cool and air at the outlet of air receiver is close to ambient.
Model Configuration Piston
Air Max     Type of Weight
m3 /hr cfm m3 /hr cfm kg/cm3 Psi kW HP RPM Cooling Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) kg
HV 2507 0 OF V-Type 228.5 134.5 169.8 100 7.5 100 18.5 25 1460 Air-Cooled 1740 1150 655 655
HV 3008 0 OF V-Type 228.5 134.5 167.4 99 8.5 125 22 30 1460 Air-Cooled 1740 1150 778 778
HV 30 10 0 OF V-Type 228.5 134.5 166.8 98 10.5 150 22 30 1460 Air-Cooled 1740 1150 778 778

*Due to Continous engineering improvements, the technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Net weight is inclusive of after cooler, pipings & air receiver.

Major Applications:

  • Auto Component manufacturing
  • Cement industry
  • Food & Beverages
  • Nitrogen generation industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • plastics manufacturing
  • Power Plants
  • Semi conducts
  • Sugar industry
  • Textile
  • Applications that are zero tolerant to oil in air