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Variable Frequency Drives

Energy saving - The CONSERVE way
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

  • ELGI CONSERVE drives match output with demand by varying motor speed. the power consumption reduces in line with the reduction in demand. Helps in eliminating the frequent load-unload cycle and the also the wasted power from the energy bill.
  • A fixed speed compressor operates on a load-unload band of atleast 10 psi around the working pressure whereas with ELGI VFD, compressor can be operated within a band of 2 psi. Since compressors are not operated under higher than working pressure requirements, there insubstantial energy saving. For every 2 psi reduction in operating pressure, there is 1% power saving.
  • In a fixed speed compressor with Star-Delta starter, starting current is as high as three times the full load current(FLC).With Elgi VFD starting, starting current is as high as three times the full load current (FLC). This helps to avoid using heavy rated components like fuses, MCCB, cable size, generator rating, isolators etc.
  • For compressed air systems with fluctuating demand pattern, return on investment due to power saving will be less than 12 months